Oktober-fast 2020

BPC fasting Guide

CLICK HERE for our Fasting guide.  Before you consider beginning any Fast that involves change to diet, please consult your primary care physician.  This month we will focus on fasting and prayer.  Take time away from something you enjoy to focus on reading scripture and praying to God for yourself, for others, for our nation, and our world.  Pray is powerful and a 31 day fast is one way to 'let go' of something in order to draw near to God.  May God bless you and draw near to you during your Fast.  

Oktober-Fast weekly videos

The videos below are meant to be an encouragement to those who choose to FAST and to be a guide for common practices as we FAST as a community of Faith.  May the LORD bless you and draw near to you as you make more room of God in your life!