April 5, 2020

Self-GUIDED Worship

"Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ." 

(2 Corinthians 1:2)

We are glad you have decided to worship with us this day!  Our prayer is that God would work through everything we do in order to bring an awareness of our need for God; and that God would then extend His forgiveness, mercy, and grace to all who worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:23).  As you go through each Section of worship, slow down and prayerfully think about the meaning of each section and ask God to speak to you through each part of the worship service.  

Click HERE to review the meaning behind the 4 parts of worship (Gathering, The Word, Our Response, Sending). 

  • Prelude

    Please click on the image to view/listen to the prelude:  Via Dela Rosa as preformed on a piano.

    For a more traditional pipe organ rendition of "Via Dela Rosa" please click the "MORE" button. 

  • Call To Worship

    (For a choral call to worship, please click the "MORE" button to view/hear "Holy is the LORD" as you enter into worship.)

    The story of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, tells us that after his celebrated arrival, He went into the Temple and looked around at everything.  As we gather here for worship today may it be with a sense that Jesus has walked in too, and is looking around.  May our eyes be open to see Him, may our hearts be ready to be seen by Him, may our worship be worthy of His presence, and may we be transformed so that we see the world through His eyes.  Amen    

  • Hymn of praise

    "How Firm A Foundation" - Sovereign Grace Music   

    • To sing along with lyrics as you watch the video, please click the image "HYMN SING"
    • For the traditional 'pipe organ', please click the "MORE" button. 
  • Prayer of confession

    With eager hearts and open hands, "Holy One, we welcome Jesus, until he refuses the power, we offer him, choosing to become our servant.  We pick up the faith we had laid on the ground before him and put it back on the shelf where it belongs.  Our pride keeps us from being able to follow him all the way to Calvary.  Hosanna, Steadfast God, save us!  Help us to let our fears, our doubts, our faithlessness slip from our lives to fall at your feet, so we may stand with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who comes in your name, in your glory, in your grace to save us.

  • Assurance of Pardon

    Christ has come to save us! Hosanna!  We will give our thanks to God, who comes to bring us grace, hope, life.  Hosanna in the highest.  Amen!

    • Click the "MORE" button for a traditional organ hymn, singing "Alleluia" to God for His grace and forgiveness!
    • For a kids version click on the image "God's Grace".  
    • Either way, please sing to the LORD in response to His grace, forgiveness, and love in Christ Jesus our LORD!
  • Prayer for Illumination

    God of Courage, be in our speaking.  Be also in our listening, and speak to our souls' deep understanding.  In Christ's name we pray.  Amen

  • The Reading of God's word

    Psalm 118: 1,2; 19-29

    Matthew 21:1-11

    • To listen to a dramatized reading, click on the image to hear Psalm 118.  That reading begins in the video at 1:43:49 (that's 1 hour; 43 minutes; and 49 seconds). 
    • To listen to the dramatized version for Matthew, click on the "MORE" button.  Matthew 21 begins at 1:51:19 (1 hour 51 min. 19 sec)
  • Hymn of response for the hearing of God's word!

    "A Shield About Me"

    • Click on the  image to hear a beautiful rendition of this hymn. 
    • Or click on the "MORE" button to hear the Gloria Patri with pipe organ accompaniment
    • We sing in order to praise God for the gift of His written word to us!
  • The word Proclaimed (sermon or message)

    March 29th's message has been uploaded!  Please click on the image to view today's message.  

    You can join us live on Facebook or you can come to our website and click on the "Live Online Worship" page to watch us live! 

    Click on the "MORE" button to be taken to our "Worship Archive" to view a video of the entire service!

  • offering

    The Christian life is an offering of one’s self to God. In the Lord’s Supper we are presented with the costly self-offering of Jesus Christ for the life of the world. As those who have been claimed and set free by grace  through faith, we now respond with gratitude; offering him our lives, our spiritual gifts, and our material goods. Friends, let us give prayerfully and cheerfully, out of our response to God's goodness in Jesus Christ!  

    To read more about Presbyterian Convictions about worship and giving click HERE.

    • Click on the "WHY GIVE" image to watch a brief video by Pastor Francis Chan on the nature of self-sacrifice in Christian giving.

    • Click on the "MORE" button to give safely and securely online through our website.

    • You can also "TEXT-TO-GIVE" by texting (812) 504-2283 This number is connected to the same system as the online giving and is safe and secure.  Simply text the amount (just a number...like "10" for ten dollars and "BPC" to give to our general operations budget or "Relief19" to support our Covid19 response.    
  • Prayers of the people

    *Please click HERE to watch a video of the Prayers of the people for Sunday March 29th.*

    Our prayers are also part of our response to the hearing of God's Word.  We pray for each other, Christ's church, our community, and the world.  Prayer is an act of faith and it expresses our dependence on God and deepens our relationship with God and with one another.  

    If you have a prayer request, please click the "MORE" button to be taken to our "Prayer" page on our website.  There you can offer a prayer request and it will be seen and prayed for by members of Christ's church at BPC!  May God bless you as you turn to Him in prayer!

    • Click on the image "Power in Prayer" to see a brief message from Mother Teresa about the importance of prayer at home! 
  • Song of Sending

    "In Christ Alone"

    • Click on the image or the "MORE" button for two different versions. 

    This is a closing Hymn meant to praise and thank God and to encourage us to leave worship, ready to love God with our whole selves and love our neighbor as ourselves!

  • Benediction / Charge / Blessing

    Hear (or read) these words from Romans 8:38-39 from the New Living Translation (NLT) as your benediction today:

    "And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.  No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord."

    Go in peace, go in love, and go ready to serve all those who cross your path, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; one God now and forever, AMEN!

    Click on the "MORE" button for a pipe organ postlude!  

    Thank you for worshiping with us today!

    May God bless and keep you!