We'd love to connect with you

God is god...even of social media!

We want to connect with you in various ways.  We'd love to meet you in person and get to know you that way.  Remember you are ALWAYS WELCOME for small group study or at worship on Sundays (see bottom of page for times).  But we would also like to connect with you via social media platforms.  We will share images or thoughts of what's on our minds or upcoming events.  No matter what we have going on here at BPC, you are welcome to participate in what God is doing in our community!  

  • Facebook

    Facebook is a great way to check out some of what's been happening here at BPC!  

  • Vimeo

    We will be posting periodic videos to Vimeo which will also be accessible on the sties above.  

  • Twitter

    We like to tweet out encouraging scriptures, thought provoking quotes, or to express out support of one community activity or another.  Follow  us and be encouraged and challenged!  

  • Instagram

    Insta...what?  We are growing into our social media presence and have posted a few images of our worship space (church building) and hope to add new images to share what's been going here at the Church.   Photographers welcome!

  • youtube

    Check out our channel on YouTube!  You'll find there different music presentations as well as pastoral updates for the congregation.  You never know what might show up so check back often!